Director of Clinical Informatics

Job Type: Reports to President


Position Summary:
Responsible for identifying the most relevant data to support the services provided by PBIRx®, the Director of Clinical Informatics plays an important role in the success of the Company. The Director of Clinical Informatics will apply advanced pharmacy knowledge for statistical analysis, cost analysis, drug research, while educating the rest of the clinical staff of drug studies, new drugs on the market, replacement drugs and side effects. Serve as a project lead for algorithm design and testing. Work with all areas of the Company such as Clinical, Analytical and Compliance. Utilizes technology, tools, processes and resources to anticipate and exceed PBIRx®’s clients’ needs and expectations. The Director of Clinical Informatics will collaborate with the Clinical department on client activity, expectations, and service needs.


Essential Functions:

Sustain multi-level relationships within PBIRx® and understanding of new, upcoming or changes in medications.
Identify opportunities and present internally to PBIRx® employees to engage in custom projects/analyses to ultimately better satisfy the client.
Algorithm design, testing and upkeep.
Maintain reporting and documentation related to patient history.
Provide reports reflecting client drug utilization and clinical trends, with corresponding recommendations to improve clinical care delivered and potential savings using preferred drug management and formulary compliance.
Provide a full scope of understanding, guidance and knowledge of medications including cost.
Maintain up-to date knowledge in industry intelligence.
Comply with the fullest level of HIPAA.
Prepare presentations and reports and partnering with other PBIRx® departments as needed.
Lead and participate in client or corporate meetings or events.
Participate in conference calls, meetings, workshops, and community events as needed.

Sustain valid pharmacy license.
Maintaining continuing education credits.
Maintaining yearly HIPAA certification.


Salary is negotiable based on background and experience. Benefits include a generous 3% employer contribution to a 401K plan, biannual performance bonuses, 10-14 paid holidays, Paid Time Off commensurate with experience, industry related conferences, educational conferences and health insurance.
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