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PBIRx®means Pharmacy Benefit Intelligence working for you, and with the highest ethical standards

Established in 1993, PBIRx® has exclusively provided intelligent solutions to our many clients in the management of pharmacy benefit costs. Our staff includes IT personnel, actuaries, financial analysts, clinical pharmacists, attorneys, HIPAA Compliance Officers and experts in the pharmacy benefit management industry. PBIRx® partners with clients as their personal pharmacy benefit specialist, helping clients to evaluate, modify, design and execute solutions for their pharmacy benefit plan resulting in overall positive health outcomes for members.

Intelligent Solutions in Pharmacy Benefits

PBIRx® will always present unbiased, objective financial analyses with sensitivity to both member and client. Proactive plan designs and PBIRx® proprietary clinical recommendations are based on a knowledge continuum of the ever-changing pharmacy benefit landscape. The result is to reduce drug costs while optimizing drug access and positive healthcare outcomes.

Our clients of many years will attest to our ability to deliver promised results. We care!

Mission Statement

To create optimal health care outcomes while minimizing overall health care costs.


To be the premier consultants in the Pharmacy Benefit Industry by helping our partners reap the value, realize the benefit and trust our integrity.


  • Incorporate the highest ethics, values and transparencies in all of our engagements.
  • Consistently act with our basic tenet that, "We Care".
  • Invest in all necessary resources to help our clients achieve their goals.
  • Understand our clients' culture, goals, and objectives in their mission and vision statements.
  • Confirm congruence with client mission and vision statements.
  • Challenge and interpret ideas and concepts by industry.
  • Evolve to predict future industry changes to best advise our clients.
  • Seek and retain passionate & intelligent team players.


Control healthcare costs

As pharmacy costs escalated in the late 1980's and prescription drugs became a bigger part of total healthcare costs, founder Pat Sirowich knew that there was a need to help control these costs for health plans, employers, institutions, third party administrators and health and welfare funds. Pat knew that pharmacy costs also impact healthcare costs and wanted to do something about it. She then started PBIRx® in 1993 to help control those costs. The company specializes in providing solution-based pharmacy benefit consulting services, which reach beyond the management of the formal Request for Proposal (RFP) process. PBIRx® staffs a team of experts with a wide range of experience and expertise related to pharmacy benefits. The principals collectively have over 60years experience in the industry and are licensed health care brokers in several states. One or more of the principals are involved in some aspect with every PBIRx® client.

PBIRx® is an independent, ethical, full disclosure consulting firm having no exclusive agreements with any pharmacy benefit manager or pharmacy benefit vendor for self funded services. They are truly a "Client Advocate".

PBIRx®'s diverse experienced staff has been very successful in managing trend for their clients by working in teams, technology and years of experience in data mining adjunct to our leased Medi-Span, Average Wholesale Price data warehouse system. Their services empower clients to not only manage pharmacy costs, but also to identify opportunities for case management, resulting in both pharmacy and medical benefit savings.

With over 60 years collectively in the pharmacy benefit industry, the Principals of PBIRx® have the in-depth knowledge, experience, tools, staff, partners and relationships throughout the industry to help our clients unravel the various complexities involved in pharmacy benefit management. Other members of the team have a variety of experiences and skills, some even working for the largest pharmaceutical companies and involved in drug pricing and contracting strategy, marketing, and medical information. Our team knows how drug companies think and thus, utilize this knowledge to develop long-term pharmacy benefit strategies to benefit our clients and not the drug company’s profitability.

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