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PBIRx uses web based Cloud technology

State-of-the-Art Cloud Technology Encrypts & Protects

PBIRx® implemented web based Cloud technology to ensure compliance with HIPAA, SOX and Red Flag Rules regulations for all clients and for all BA Agreements, HITECH, Vendors and Subcontractors.

PBIRx is staffed with legal, actuaries, IT, analysts, and more

Positive Healthcare Outcomes & Pharmacy Benefit Management Requires a Multi-Disciplined Team

PBIRx® is staffed with legal, actuaries, IT, analysts, clinicians, compliance officers, account managers, statisticians and strategic directors.

PBIRx helps you save money on pharmacy benefits

Target: 400% ROI while Lowering Budget Costs & Delivering Positive Healthcare Outcomes

PBIRx® references can attest to the pharmacy benefit savings (10% to 15%) while achieving positive healthcare outcomes for employees.

PBIRx® is How You Can Get More Control Over Your Healthcare Costs

Save on pharmacy and healthcare costs

Rising pharmacy costs represent approximately 16% of total health care spend and is predicted to increase by almost 6% annually through 2023. Health spending is projected to be 19.3% of GDP. You CAN reduce your pharmacy benefit costs and optimize total healthcare costs by using PBIRx, an independent pharmacy consulting and auditing firm.

For over 25 years, PBIRx® has developed and modified various solutions by client, which lower PMPM numbers utilizing cutting edge technology, solution driven analytics, population health principles and a team of experts with decades of experience in various sub-specialties, including Strategic Broker Partnerships, ACOs, Managed Health Plans, Hospitals, Third Party Administrators, Health & Welfare Fund, as well as large and small employers.

PBIRx® provides a high level of customer service, with unbiased and objective financial analyses, while always focusing on the clients’ best interests, versus enriching the PBM.

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