PBIRx Launches New Website with Customer Focus

Aug 24, 2022 

PBIRx, the premier consultant in the pharmacy benefit industry, is excited to announce that our new website is live. The fully redesigned site reflects our brand identity and logo while offering the ultimate user-friendly experience with improved navigation and enhanced functionality. The new site features the full PBIRx portfolio of products and services with a clean, responsive, and modern design.

Adapted to reflect our core values, the new PBIRx site conveys how we do business. Our impactful color choices represent our confidence and tenacity in everything we do, as well as the dynamic, fast-changing healthcare landscape. The PBIRx brain logo reflects the pharmacy benefit intelligence central to our mission to create optimal healthcare outcomes while minimizing overall costs. As with the two sides of the brain, our savings strategies combine our comprehensive, analytical understanding of the pharmacy benefit industry with our compassion for members’ lives.

Created with the user experience in mind, the new PBIRx.com has many new features and functionalities. Users can quickly and easily navigate the site and find products and services that can uniquely help them reap the benefits of PBIRx’s premier pharmacy benefit consulting services.

“We are thrilled to share our new PBIRx website with our clients, partners, and visitors who are looking for solutions to help decipher the true value and real-world effects of their pharmacy benefit plans,” said PBIRx president and CEO, Patricia Sirowich. “This website redesign truly enhances the overall PBIRx customer experience. The new site creates a clear customer journey, that allows visitors to see key factors when considering a pharmacy benefit consultant, resulting in more informed decision making.”

Visitors to the new site can expect richer content, including PBIRx success stories with featured testimonials and case studies. Users can stay informed with a digital media page hosting the latest PBIRx and industry news, while the events page highlights upcoming industry events where you might connect with PBIRx next.

We encourage you to explore the new site by visiting www.PBIRx.com.

About PBIRx

Our mission is to create optimal healthcare outcomes while minimizing overall healthcare costs. Established in 1993, PBIRx has exclusively provided intelligent solutions to its many clients in the management of pharmacy benefit costs. PBIRx serves as a personal pharmacy benefit specialist, helping clients to evaluate, modify, design, and execute savings solutions for their pharmacy benefit plan that result in overall positive health outcomes for members. The PBIRx team includes clinical pharmacists, IT personnel, actuaries, financial analysts, attorneys, HIPAA compliance officers, and experts in the pharmacy benefit management industry.

We are a true client advocate. PBIRx is an independent, ethical, full-disclosure consulting firm having no exclusive agreements with any pharmacy benefit manager or pharmacy benefit vendor for self-funded services. We have deep knowledge, advanced tools, and have built lasting relationships throughout this ever-evolving industry. With a focus on insight and service, PBIRx empowers our clients to unravel the complexities of pharmacy benefit management. To learn more about PBIRx, please visit www.pbirx.com.

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Marketing Communications Manager
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